Because it really is all about the pants..    

We hand make everything with a Handy Spandy tag on it.  We love our Spandys, and promise not to sell anything that hasn't passed our personal workout tests.  If you ever receive some Handy Spandys that don't stand up to your expectations (or your ultra marathons) please don't hesitate to let us know.  We want every pair to be absolutely perfect! 



Connie (Handy) 

Connie (Handy) 

Anna (Spandy) 

Anna (Spandy) 

Connie and Anna started Handy Spandy after Anna's first summer at Circus Smirkus summer camp in 2006.  Connie is a full time middle school math teacher in Paterson, NJ.  She is in charge of keeping the mini fridge stocked with seltzers.  Anna is finishing up her final year at Villanova University in PA, graduating with a biology degree.  She is in charge of keeping the candy jar full.  


We <3 Our Customers

Please feel free to send pictures, comments and questions.  We love to see our Spandys out in the world, and always like to hear from our amazing customers.  You all rock! 


Homemade is Good

We make all of our spandex products in our home in Randolph, NJ.  We are committed to creating a product that we are proud of, and that you will love.